Friday, April 1, 2016

Time to say goodbye

It's been a wonderful run. We've loved every minute of it. But after 8 1/2 years it's time to close the doors. We've tried unsuccessfully to renew our lease with the management company that runs our building but they're unbending in their refusal to negotiate.

We've had a new management company for the past year. Over the past several months we have been in a very contentious position trying to renew our lease with them. They've refused to budge an inch from their original proposal. On top of that they have hit us with a bill for a 40% shortfall in our maintenance and management fees for last year - fees that were previously agreed to and were adequate to cover running the building by prior management companies for the past 8 years. Unfortunately that makes it untenable for us to continue in business - at least at our current location.

Friday, April 1 (April Fool's day - how appropriate) starts our 2 month long liquidation. Everything in the store will be on sale. A majority of our stock will start at 20% off. Most of the seasonal items and furniture will be at even greater discounts. As the weeks go on the discounts go deeper. We need to be out of the space by the end of May.

We're so appreciative of all the support of our community. We couldn't have picked a more faithful group of customers. We're so proud that they have become our friends. We'll miss you all.


  1. We live in NY State and always have visited your store when we are in Laguna Beach. We've loved shopping there over these past years and are very sad to see you go. Best of luck in you new ventures. Cathy D'Amico

  2. My mother and I came to the store every single time I came to spend the weekend with my parents. Even after my mother could no longer come with me, I still came to the store. It was such a beautiful place and it gave me such pleasant memories of the time I spent with my mom. I will miss it, and wish you both lots of happiness in the next stage of your lives!!!

  3. Greed Greed Greed So Sorry to see you
    leave !

  4. thank you Cathy. We'll miss you when you come to town.

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